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Our Goal: Encouraging citizens to engage in civic affairs so as to be informed and thus more assertive for Better People for Better Government.

Authorised by M Byrne 151 Alfred Rd Chipping Norton NSW 2170 FaceBook: We Need Better Government page

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This site is dedicated to the call for Better Government.

Support our campaign supporting the local community based candidates promoted by the Liverpool Community Independents Team - LCIT.
This includes voting for Peter Harle for Mayor.
Peter is experienced with a solid foundation of service and knowledge.
Please note that there is no formal or informal connection between this We Need Better Government movement and LCIT.

Fellow Liverpool citizens we must NOT reward Labor or Liberal
with your votes
The New South Wales Local Government Elections are to be held soon on the 4th December 2021.

I am based in Liverpool NSW. It's Council is poorly led by a shallow leadership from the major Parties; Labor and Liberal.

We are in the final straight and supporting the Candidates organised as a local community based group named Liverpool Community Independents Team.
They are currently represented on Council by Clr Peter Harle and Clr Karess Rhodes. And good on them - they are loyal servants of the people.

We are seeking immediate funds to cover printing of pamphlets.
We are seeking 200 locals to each drop 200 leaflets in their local areas promoting the Need For Better Government and our support for the LCIT team.


Wake Up Liverpool! We Need Better Government!

Think and Act for the future of our democracy when you go to the Local Council polls in 2 weeks time. Let's act as engaged informed citizens. We want to assist you in this.
The following story lays the case that we must re-think our voting.
Both major parties are root-bound : totally power - self - focussed.
Join us, and fund us immediately to work for the election of a Non Labor AND Non Liberal Mayor and Councillors on 4th December.

The story below condemns them.

Here is our Key Message:
People of Liverpool: Do Not Reward Betrayal!
Liverpool City Council under Labor Mayor Waller failed to support its citizens in the fight to save the riverside lands at Moorebank from the Moorebank Intermodal Freight Terminal.
This huge development cannot attain success with its projected container throughput required to justify the turning 200 hectares of riverside lands into Tar and Cement.
Council seems to have rolled over upon command from the top. As a consequence, they plan to deliver a development with 12,000+ daily trips of heavy B-Doubles, Semi-Trailers, rigid trucks and delivery vans a day, 24 x 7.

This traffic starts and ends in Moorebank further choking the M5 / Moorebank Avenue ramps, Newbridge Road, Heathcote Road and the Hume Highway on route to the Cumberland Highway. These routes include the most congested and accident prone roads in the State.
The NSW Government is trying to make it work. But it is a massive choke point. The only solution is a 6 kilometre multi-threaded tunnel to carry the south west regional traffic under East Liverpool's railways and the two Georges River flow points. This would free up the local road system just for Qube Holdings and the proposed Logos Group warehousing developments if the Government/Court hands down another "make it happen" decision.
There is no promised (modelled) "economic return" for the public. There is no Budget item for the planned bridge works ($1.5 billion+) that are also destined to fail in their objective.
Now get this!!!!
The local citizen's group, RAID, has challenged in Court the November 2019 NSW Liberal Government approval of the large river side lands known as Moorebank Precinct West (MPW). The Hearing in front of a Senior Commissioner ran for 7 days and concluded at the end of June. It is now 4 months, without a Judgement being handed down. We knew we had a case. And it was argued by a non-lawyer local citizen, Erik Rakowski. The two Respondents, Qube Holdings and the Government (IPC) had combined two SC's and 7 legal support staff. I acted as assistant for young Erik. Really, quite extraordinary.
In recognition of Erik, I need to inform you that he as a young man has been struck down with an illness and is doing it tough. Our thoughts and thanks are with Erik in his struggle.

Council invested $300,000 upon RAID request in building the case with the necessary Expert Opinion on Traffic, Air Quality and Noise. This opinion was built on the arguments of local citizens since 2010. The appointed Experts confirmed the observations of the locals and their knowledge of their area. We have a husband and wife living in the area who are without peer in the Traffic Modelling profession. Yet, Liverpool City Council, 5 Labor Councillors as a Block Vote, and a lone Liberal, voted NOT to fund the lawyers for the Court Case. They voted as a single block, so one can only assume it was done under orders from the top of the Party. Party First with Personal Ambition and then People Second!

And do note this; MPW was created by the Labor Party in 2005 and from 2007 they used it to block the private development of the MPE site, across Moorebank Avenue, from the necessary link to the Port Botany Freight Line. This was an act of political bastardry acted out against the private developer who was a public enemy of the Labor Movement.

I am covering this in videos soon to be published. They are home produced, not flash, but full of story of corporate rent seeking and political bastardry.

The Moorebank Intermodal is an abomination, and Liverpool Labor and the NSW Liberal Government are in the process of dumping it here.


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