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  • Traffic Black Spots

    SIMTA proposes to upgrade Moorebank Avenue from its single Entry / Exit point up to the intersection with the M5 Motorway - a distance of 400 metres. This image is published in their November 2016 as "Figure 7-5: Distribution of crashes on key roads between 2010 and 2015". It is quite revealing as both the M5 Motorway, between the Hume Highway and Heathcote Road, and Moorebank Avenue are Traffic Black Spots with their statistics being many times the more of numbers to be registered as such. Read this in conjunction with the video of the dangerous weave / merge operations on the M5 GR Bridge which Moorebank Intermodal will deliver 17,000 + cars, B Doubles, Semi Trailers and rigid delivery truck movements daily.

    405 KB • PDF File • 13 February 2017


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