• Mark Latham elected

    15 March at 23:29 from atlas

    Michael Byrne assisted in the campaign to have Mark Latham elected to the NSW Legislative Council. One Nation saw two LC candidates elected.
    In the seat of Holsworthy Michael scored a 8.09% vote that flowed across to the LC vote to contribute to the election of Mark and Rod Roberts.

    The NSW branch is led by Mark Latham. Mark is a rare voice of conviction in the current day politics and has much to offer in countering the loss of faith and hope in our western civilisation. It has delivered much good including our freedoms, good general health and worker wealth. Not to mention its central code of morality passed down through the two millenia of Christian ideal.

    Michael comments that "the task is great to awaken a people who have grown too comfortable and live passively alongside the political process. The only winners are lazy process driven, unimaginative politicians. This is the challenge. We must break our habit of the bland vote of Labor or Liberal. Look for credible alternatives, preferably people with a strength of conviction to fight or defend that which they consider a good"


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