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    4 January at 04:11 from atlas

    The Moorebank Intermodal Freight Terminal stands as perverse  Government Failure and Crony Capitalism in its Corporate Rent-Seeking.

    A Court Hearing is in play for May 2021 on the Approvals Process since 2016 of the larger site, Moorebank Precinct West (MPW).

    MPW came out of antics, targeted at Chris Corrigan, of Labor's Left Luvvies, Albanese and Wong in 2008 and onwards. There was a history since 2000 of Labor antipathy by local Labor Tribes towards Corrigan's local interests down the rail line from MPW.
    MPW stands today as a 220 hectare dust bowl with over $1.5 billion of tax-payer funds expended to bring it to this hapless state. Now in 2021, Qube Holdings are in the process of  "monetising" MPW as the largest package of MIFT lands, to the tune of $2 billion - we taxpayers expend $1 billion+ for them to convert to cash.
    Yet to progress beyond "public consultations", there is still $2 billion+  of road works required in an attempt to make it work. Now this is another full story of spending good money on inadequate road solutions that fail to meet the needs of the people. Doing it on the cheap, at cost to the public. And it is so obvious. How obvious? A road to service 10,000 + heavy loaded semi & B-Double Trailers that has 5 sets of traffic lights for local traffic, AND, its endpoint is a T intersection some 500 metres from the major Expressway connections.

    Moorebank Precinct East (MPE) is Chris Corrigan's Qube development of 83 hectares - on the east side of Moorebank Avenue.

    Notwithstanding the MPW matters in Court, even MPE would have failed approval through an objective evaluation of the site's suitability as required in the NSW Planning Law.


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