• QUBE's great heist : Gov's perverse play

    26 November at 03:20 from atlas

    Qube Holdings much acclaimed and over sold Moorebank Logistics Park is located within a narrow, river bound, bridge reliant regional traffic corridor. Its presence is that of a self-serving oversized cuckoo. Its delivery has been one of contested grounds, without anyone testing whether it is worth fighting for.
    It is proving not to be so.

    Moorebank sits at the northern point of the expansive Liverpool Military Area ( Holsworthy Base+) that has no east-west road routes. South West Sydney's entire established residential neighbourhoods and businesses travel north to Moorebank to turn east. It is also a major Sydney growth region.

    View the SMH story link below for an image on traffic congestion at Moorebank.

    Qube's own image (above) shows the M5 traffic corridor route at Moorebank. Everything south to Campbelltown and east of the Georges River is military land.

    While it may have been Mr. Chris Corrigan's original error, it was to be amplified by a perverse Labor campaign, since 2002, against his interests run by local Labor tribes. From 2007 the new Federal Labor Cabinet passed it to Albanese MP who seemed to relish the role of the Mascot 3rd Runway bova boy dressed as the infrastructure czar.
    It appears Labor trusted Corrigan's judgement, but busted his plan while they lasted in government. This is a story to be told of the national interest running a long second.

    A view of the site's location is contained in the SMH traffic congestion story at  https://bit.ly/33fU1eX

    The Traffic Congestion  image shows from the middle bottom, the miltiary base in grey with Moorebank at its upper tip. There are no east-west roads south of Moorebank. Hence the unresolved transport problem for any user of the site.

    The adjacent M5 West Georges River bridge is a congested and dangerous traffic black spot due to merge/weave activity similar to that at the city end of the Southern Cross Expressway with vehicles weaving out and merging in from the same lane, at 100kph. Of course in peak traffic it slows and causes further delay in traffic flow back to Revesby.

    The NSW Government to this day disowns the problem and dumps it back to the Federal Budget. This is justified on the fact that in the period 2007-2013 Federal Labor planned their own separate IMT on lands situated between Corrigan's eventual but foreshadowed interests and the SSFL rail link to Port Botany. As the new Land Owner, Labor withheld consent for his access to the rail line. That is the real story of Moorebank Precinct East  (MPE- Corrigan) and West (MPW - Labor). It matches all west v east stories.

    The NSW Planning authorities have an Approval Limit of Consent which is not being exercised. This sees daily worker commuters at risk. As stated, they have passed the problem off to the Commonwealth Government.

    The Problem:  https://youtu.be/lRQ7SRcEJDE
    The Solution? When?  https://bit.ly/33fMmO0

    The solution is years off, while the danger and congestion is current.
    We understand that this a problem now more recognised by potential lessess of the new "Warehouse Estate".

    Owing to the engagement of Corrigan as the originator, with him as the LNP hero and Labor's villain, all local Labor and Liberal, State and Federal MPs and Councillors are silent to date. It is hoped that both Labor and Liberal Liverpool Councillors will support the funding, from its $300 million budget, of the necessary Appeal of the latest approvals that are exposed to challenge.
    A key member of the local citizen issue group is a highly qualified and recognised transport modeller who challenges directly the backroom modelling of the proponents and the NSW RMS behind which the Consent Authority stands.

    The Planning Approvals were advanced recently and exhibit a changed emphasis missed by the seemingly compliant Consent Authority; The project moves from being a nation building rail intermodal operations to that of general warehousing. A discrete IMEX Terminal has been deleted from the project and warehousing has advanced from being  "associated warehousing" to "Warehouse Estate", with QUBE ( via SIMTA) as warehouse lessor.

    Incredibly the site is to have 1,600,000 M3 of clean fill trucked in to raise the site from 2 to to 3.6 metres. And they claim "no substantial change in purpose". Purpose maybe, but there are certainly urban amenity consequences of further diminished amenity from light, noise and massive heat island effect.

    Plans are afoot to have this approval challenged at law,due to it being such a shameful neglect of proper process.

    Local residents who have carried the case that Moorebank is not a suitable site for this intended purpose are now convinced the development, sold on its national economic benefit and public interest, is a dud. What warehouse distributor would put their trucks into a dangerous bottleneck when there are hectares galore within 10 kilometres?

    The Moorebank project has seen the taxpayer pay out over $1.5 billion expended/loaned/foregone_revenue. There is another $500 million+ on the immediate road works. The East Liverpool public experience it as a mugging, as should the wider public when the facts are known. 

    This Moorebank Intermodal, plus the Port of Newcastle debacle, places the NSW container freight movement industry as a costly bag of inefficiency and ineffectiveness, and embarrassment, for the people of NSW. Together, they reflect the worst of corporate rent seeking and political plays of perversity on both sides of the Parliamentary benches, in Sydney and Canberra.


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