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    5 May at 17:48 from atlas

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    Big Business and Perverse Politics combine again to hit the people.

    Please Excuse: This is a 12 minute monologue, which means there is no fancy editing. It is one bloke having a say. But it has meaning and purpose. It is a call to arms for citizens of Liverpool and beyond.

    We Need Better Government.

    Last week, Liverpool City Council, on the casting vote of Mayor Waller, put Party interest before its people. Both Labor and Liberal have engaged in perverse politics to see the Moorebank Intermodal advance as it has.

    Liverpool City Council has withdrawn funding support to its local citizens in their David v Goliath (The Castle!!!) effort in the NSW Land & Environment Court against the Government and Qube Holdings.

    LCC has an annual revenue of $350 million. In not extending support at max $400,000, it has put at high risk the return on funds already provided - $300,000 - that developed the required Expert Cases. The cases are in fact, observable fact. Fact that, in our view, has been suppressed by purposeful intent to not let the flawed project fall over.

    It is our contention that Governments have a responsibility to correct the grave errors of previous governments where possible - we have a 220 hectare riverfront site standing as barren ground. Where truth prevails, a far more amenable use of riverside lands will arise.

    Almost 20 years ago, in Mark Latham as Mayor days, it was ear-marked as a High-Tech Technology Park - far removed from a dirty diesel driven, noise and light emitting, tar & cement, traffic generating freight intermodal.

    It is our contention that people and corporations that engage in transactions / investments are open to "caveat emptor" - buyer beware. Corporate giant, Chris Corrigan's original observations were flawed. He has personally been informed of the flaws, and that they are insurmountable in providing an economic return.
    Qube Holdings are open to the risk of caveat emptor, but they are now seen to be "taking the cash" on assets provided for by the public.

    Let's be clear. The Moorebank Intermodal development process is a planning perversion. In particular the massive 220 hectare MPW development which is all PUBLIC LAND. It stands today as a dust bowl that has consumed over $1.5 billion of taxpayer funds to get to that state and potential use. AND, which Qube Holdings are "monetising" by on-selling development rights with a $2 billion price tag. Not a bad little earner.

    Re the upcoming Merit Appeal Hearing in June. All the effort has come from local volunteer citizens who have inputted to the Expert Evidence cases for the Senior Counsel to present in Court. There are hard facts to be met by the powerful elites of government and corporate who to date have simply pushed them down the road as they advanced with compliant public servants.

    The Moorebank Intermodal is a creation of perverse politics and corporate rent-seeking. It is an extraordinary story that we will lay out in future videos.
    Reference Sites for more info as it unfolds... www.wnbg.com.au and Facebook Page for We Need Better Government.

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