• Moorebank Freight Intermodal - destined to be a major infrastructure failure

    This is the fail point for the Moorebank Intermodal. There is no fix. So traffic congestion and public safety in Sydney's south-west come a poor last after corporate and perverse political interests. This is shameful.

    This is short ( 60 sec) and informative. Rough footage, with a smooth transmission of knowledge. It exhibits the danger to the public.

    The location is where the proposed Intermodal's heavy freight container vehicles will enter the Sydney traffic system. It is already a classified Traffic Black Spot and as such is very dangerous.. The merge in / weave out is high risk with the speed limit at 100kmp. The peak hours see traffic on the M5 back up for several kilometres at slow speed due to this.

    As at June 2019 the local public still await the proposed solution to have over 10,000 extra movements daily, including B Doubles and Semi Trailers, merge into and weave out of traffic at this site just 400 metres from the Moorebank Intermodal.  This is what Mr Chris Corrigan - now retired Chairman of QUBE Holdings, failed to observe from his helicopter, and every consultant and public servant henceforth has failed to address.

    As at June  2019, almost $2 billion of public money has been spent, loaned or lost as foregone revenue, to make the Intermodal happen.

    There is nothing to show but a single warehouse constructed and $225 million of tax payer funds used up  to remediate lands in preparation.

    After 9 years there is no solution costed and offered to provide a safe and efficient entry / exit point for the 6000+ heavy trucks at this, the major entry point into the Sydney road system.

    How can this happen?  A story to unfold....


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